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By Linda Banta, MD
June 07, 2021
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A chemical peel may be a good option if you have lines, wrinkles, dark spots, or blemishes in your skin. Your San Antonio, TX, dermatologist, Dr. Linda Banta of Stone Oak Dermatology, can help you renew your appearance and improve your skin tone with a peel.

How a chemical peel can improve your skin

Chemical peels remove the outer layers of your skin, erasing fine lines, wrinkles, shallow scars, acne lesions, and dark spots. They also brighten skin, improve texture, and reduce large pores.

You won't notice a change in your skin immediately after treatment, as it takes a little while for the chemicals to work. About two to three days after your treatment, your skin will begin to peel and will continue to peel for two to five days, depending on the peel. After peeling is complete, your skin will be smoother and free of spots and blemishes.

Chemical peel options

During your visit to the San Antonio dermatology office, one of these peels may be recommended for you:

  • Illuminize Peel: This gentle peel option improves tone and texture, yet only causes minimal discomfort. The Illuminize peel combines alpha-hydroxy acids with phytic acid to renew your skin. Alpha-hydroxy acids naturally exfoliate and brighten skin and also improve the production of collagen, a protein that keeps your skin firm. If you're concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, you may benefit from a series of Illuminize peels.
  • Vitalize Peel: The Vitalize peel combines alpha-hydroxy acids with several other acids to improve aging skin and minimize sun spots, acne, freckles, wrinkles, lines, acne scars, and dark spots. It's an excellent choice if you have mild to moderate skin issues. Depending on the condition of your skin, a single peel or a series of peels may be recommended.
  • Rejuvenize Peel: The Rejuvenize peel is a good option if you have moderate to severe skin imperfections. It not only improves skin tone and texture but also decreases lines and wrinkles, treats dark spots, and tones your skin. Although you'll see noticeable results after just one treatment, several treatments may be needed for the best results.

Are you ready to try a chemical peel? Call dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Linda Banta of Stone Oak Dermatology, at (210) 494-0504 to schedule an appointment.

By Linda Banta, MD
February 05, 2021
Tags: Wrinkles   Fine Lines  

How your dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, can help you fight the signs of aging

If you are starting to see fine lines and wrinkles, you are not alone! In fact, anti-aging procedures are some of the most sought-after services from dermatologists.

Fine lines and wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging but don’t worry, your dermatologist can help! Dr. Linda Banta of Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, offers a wide range of dermatology services, including treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

Fine lines and wrinkles form on the lines of expression. That means when you frown, laugh, or show other expressions, your skin doesn’t snap back the way it did when you were younger. As you age, you lose collagen, elastin, and moisture, key ingredients for younger-looking skin.

There are many ways you and your dermatologist can help you say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles. For shallow, fine lines, consider using:

  • Antioxidant and vitamin creams to help smooth out the lines
  • Products with vitamin A to even out skin tone
  • Alpha-hydroxy acid products to help reduce lines and wrinkles

If you have deep wrinkles and lines, don’t despair! Professional treatment from your dermatologist can do wonders. Dr. Banta may recommend:

  • Dermal fillers to fill in wrinkles, making your skin appear plump, smooth, and younger. Common dermal fillers include Juvederm.
  • Wrinkle relaxers temporarily freeze the nerves and muscles, making your skin look smooth and revitalized. Botox is a very common wrinkle relaxer.

There are many other treatments and products including chemical peels, facials, and cosmetics that can help you look years younger.

To find out more about anti-aging treatments and other services from your dermatologist, call Dr. Linda Banta of Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, at (210) 494-0504. Call now and say goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles, and hello to a younger-looking face!

By Linda Banta, MD
December 29, 2020
Tags: Body Contouring  

Are you feeling very self-conscious about your love handles or muffin top? Or perhaps are looking to deal with stubborn fat that just won’t go away even with a proper diet and workout plan. You may be eligible for body contouring.

A consultation here at Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, with Dr. Linda Banta, will determine your eligibility for non-surgical body contouring. Until then, here’s what you need to know about it.

What Exactly is Non-Surgical Body Contouring?

Also referred to as non-surgical fat reduction, essentially, it’s a cosmetic procedure used for sculpting people’s bodies into their desired shape, without having to undergo surgery. Body contouring treatments are highly effective at getting rid of stubborn fat pockets to shape and contour the body. Here in our practice in San Antonio, TX, we use SculpSure, which is an innovative, FDA-approved, and effective fat removal and body contouring system that breaks down stubborn fat using laser energy.

SculpSure functions by heating up fat cells as well as surrounding tissues with laser energy, resulting in the permanent destruction of the targeted fat cells to leave the treated site tighter and more toned. As a bonus, SculpSure likewise promotes the production of essential building blocks for healthy and younger-looking skin, elastin, and collagen.

Who Can Benefit From Non-Surgical Body Contouring

  • You’re Close to Your Goal Weight: The majority of individuals that usually qualify for body contouring are those who are about 10 to 20 pounds from their desired weight. Likewise, individuals who work out regularly and eat a healthy diet but can’t seem to lose those last extra pounds are typically suitable for body contouring.
  • You Need to Get Rid of Saggy Skin: In some people, weight loss could result in excess skin that masks your healthy eating and exercise results. Depending on the severity of excess skin, non-surgical body contouring can help tone up problematic areas so you can show off your weight loss results.
  • You’re Living a Generally Healthy Lifestyle: Ideally, individuals who are looking to undergo body contouring treatments must be dedicated to eating right, exercising regularly, and capable of maintaining these healthy habits to preserve their results. Ideal body contouring candidates must likewise have realistic and positive body goals.

Want to See If Body Contouring is Right For You? Talk to Us

Call (210) 494-0504 to arrange an assessment here at Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, with Dr. Linda Banta, today.

By Linda Banta, MD
October 07, 2020

It could be immensely frustrating and disheartening to see that you have two chins or a double chin when you work hard to tone and slim your body. Although not at all harmful, having a double chin could make some individuals look older than their real age, and not everyone wants that.

And while surgery could be an option, you could discuss less invasive and costly options with your dermatologist here at Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Linda Banta, before conserving surgical intervention.

How a Double Chin Develops

Submental fat, commonly known as the double chin, is a very common issue that happens when a layer of stubborn fat develops below the chin. It is usually caused by weight gain. However, some people who are not overweight, in any way, can just as easily have a double chin. For instance, genetics or loss of skin elasticity due to aging also causes a double chin to form.

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

A double chin resulting from weight gain could be addressed by losing excess weight. However, there’s also the risk of leaving a saggy chin behind. On the other hand, a double chin due to genetics won’t respond to weight loss. Either way, your dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, might recommend these clinically-proven fat-blasting procedures to eradicate your stubborn double chin:

WarmSculpting with Sculpsure

Also called lipolysis or liposculpture, warm sculpting utilizes heat via a laser for melting away fat and contouring the skin. The heat will be delivered to target areas in a feathering manner to ensure safety and comfort. If you have low pain tolerance, however, you could ask your dermatologist for a local anesthetic before starting the treatment.

For More Details on Our Double Chin Treatments, Talk to Us

Call (210) 494-0504 to arrange a visit with your dermatologist here at Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio, TX, Dr. Linda Banta.

By Linda Banta, MD
April 24, 2020
Tags: Body Contouring  

We all want to feel confident about our bodies, comfortable in our clothes, and uninhibited to wear a bathing suit at the pool. While looking and feeling your best requires healthy eating and exercise, it can be hard to achieve a toned physique with hard work alone.

Body type, genetics, lifestyle habits, and age can all affect your shape and skin elasticity, and for most of us, cellulite is unavoidable. However, that doesn't mean you can't feel great in your skin. At StoneOak Dermatology in San Antonio, we offer body contouring using SculpSure, an innovative and effective system that uses lasers to remove fat cells and produce youth-enhancing collagen for firm, smooth skin.

What is body contouring?

Body contouring is a safer, noninvasive alternative to liposuction. This treatment done at our San Antonio office destroys fat cells using laser energy heat, leaving your skin smoother, firmer, and flatter. As a bonus, this body contouring method leads to the production of elastin and collagen, two components of rejuvenated, healthy skin.

How long does body contouring take?

At our San Antonio office, you can expect a body contouring session to last around 25 minutes. Our SculpSure treatment is FDA approved, pain-free, and carries no recovery time. You can head home right after your treatment.

You will likely need about six body contouring treatments at our San Antonio office to see results.

What can body contouring be used for?

SculpSure body contouring can be used to remove fat from and tighten your abdomen, love handles, and the back, inner, and outer thighs. With the help of body contouring, you can feel great wearing shorts, fitted tops, and swimwear.

Let StoneOak Dermatology in San Antonio help you achieve your best body with body contouring. Call us at (210) 494-0504.