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By Stone Oak Dermatology
September 09, 2014
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botoxWhen we look back at high school yearbooks, it’s hard not to be nostalgic—the funny hairstyles that were popular back then; your favorite t-shirt that you couldn’t live without. In some small way, all of these things made you who you were. However, maybe when you look back you also can’t believe how young you looked. Life can play silly tricks on us when it comes to aging, and while we can’t reverse time, we can definitely play some tricks of ourselves. While, we might not be able to get you looking like you did back in your high school days, we can definitely offer a younger-looking you when you get Botox in San Antonio.
You might have seen Botox ads on TV or heard friends talking about it, but you might not really know much about it. Your San Antonio dermatologist is here to help you decide whether this popular dermal filler in San Antonio is right for you.

What are you looking to improve?

Do you want to get rid of forehead and eyebrow wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet? If you find yourself nodding your head, then you might be an ideal candidate for getting Botox in San Antonio, TX. This cosmetic procedure targets moderate to severe lines in all of these areas, to give you a younger appearance.

What’s the process like?

Getting Botox in 78258 is quick and virtually painless. The process itself only takes about 10-15 minutes and the injections are so small that discomfort is significantly minimized. If the idea of getting a needle still makes you nervous, we are happy to apply a topic anesthetic to numb the area beforehand. But our patients are surprised by how easy and simple getting Botox in San Antonio, TX really was.

How long before I see results? How long does it last?

You will notice a more youthful appearance within two to four days, and the results last about four to six months. Of course you can continue to maintain your younger-looking skin by getting another treatment when you notice the results begin to fade.
Still tossing around the idea of getting Botox in San Antonio? That’s OK. In fact, we offer free consultation on Botox treatments. If you then discover that this is the prefect treatment for you, we can often perform this procedure on the same day. If you’re interested in getting Botox or finding out more, call us at (210) 494-0504.
Already had Botox? Can’t stop telling your friends and family how amazing this procedure was? Well don’t stop talking about it now! Share your wonderful stories with us and give people an in-depth look into a more personal experience with Botox.