The Best Ways to Protect Your Skin This Summer
By Stone Oak Dermatology
April 20, 2015
Tags: Sun Protection  
Summer Sun ProtectionSummer is quickly approaching; will your skin be ready? Keep your skin healthy and beautiful all summer long with these four tips from San Antonio dermatologist Linda J. Banta, MD, PA at Stone Oak Dermatology.
1. Wear Sunscreen
Whether you are heading out for just an hour or the entire day, don't step foot outside of your house without sunscreen. Sunscreen is your skin's first defense against harmful rays, and not only does it help prevent skin cancer, but it can help prevent premature aging and discoloration as well. Choose a high SPF and remember to reapply often, especially if you are swimming or sweating. 
Dr. Banta recommends EltaMD sunscreen. EltaMD has high zinc content, is chemical free, and is cosmetically elegant. It is one of the top sunscreens available, and you will love the way it feels! EltaMD is available at Dr. Banta's office.
2. Seek Out Shade
Even with a quality sunscreen, your skin will need a break from the sun eventually, especially if you will be enjoying the beautiful San Antonio outdoors for an extended period of time or in the middle of the day. Finding a nice, shady spot is a great way to stay cool and protect your skin without risking an extra visit to a dermatologist.
3. Drink Plenty of Water
As summer temperatures soar, keeping your body well hydrated becomes more important than ever. Not only will this keep your skin soft and well-moisturized, but it will also help keep you from dehydrating. Your body needs water to allow you to sweat to help keep you cool. Simply swimming in it isn't enough. You'll need to drink it too.
4. Dress Appropriately
While no one wants to throw on several layers of clothing in the summer, a single light layer in a breathable cotton fabric is a great way to protect your skin from the sun while still keeping cool. Extra long shorts and t-shirts or breezy sundresses and wide-brimmed hats are perfect for enjoying the summer sunshine.
Visit your dermatologist because you want to, not because you need to. Use these four tips all summer long and keep your visits to Dr. Banta at Stone Oak Dermatology in San Antonio fun and stress-free.