Helping Puffy Eyes! | Stone Oak Dermatology
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July 28, 2012
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Tricks to take down puffy eyes-

Avoid salty foods expecially before bedtime!  Drink water before going to bed and sleep with head elevated.  In morning take a ziploc bag with ice and place on your eyes for 5 minutes.  Massage in eye cream that contains de-puffing caffeine to reduce swelling.  

"My favorite is the Vivite eye cream that contains caffeine as well as ingredients to exfoliate, reduce wrinkles and reflect light.  Not only does it help with the puffiness but also with dark circles.  Other great products are  the Obagi eye cream and gel!  Come by the office to try! You will love  it!  We all have the same problems with our eyes!"  Linda Banta, M.D.