Is IPL Right For Me? | Stone Oak Dermatology

I have been looking at my skin closely and my "fun in the sun" from childhood is catching up with me as well.  The Skin Medica has done wonders for my skin- but I know I probably need to do some other treatments.  So, I am going to do more IPL treatments!  Had one done in past just to see what it feels like - not too bad!  Little "snippy" but tolerable.  My before and after pictures will be available.

So what is IPL?

Photofacial  also known as IPL - intense pulse light and "forever young"  started 20 years in California.  We have had the Lumenis M22 since January 2013 - no downtime and provides great results for pigmentation, redness, spider veins on face, chest.  Many patients have enjoyed the benefits - even fine lines get better. IPL is a light-based procedure developed by a dermatogist.   Different from true laser, it utilizes a broader wavelength to target certain tones in the skin.