Juvederm Voluma: The Paradigm Shift | Stone Oak Dermatology

It has been 6 months since I went to the master training for Juvederm Voluma - the filler that was to change the way we treat sagging and frown lines.   As always, I wanted to make sure that what I was going to offer really worked.  Well, I was totally amazed.  

 VOLUMA  is a more cross-linked form of Juvederm and thereby thicker.  It is  injected into  the cheek area to lift the face -  truly a liquid facelift!  I was reminded by the instructor that the reason we have the lines around the mouth is because the fat pad is sinking down the cheek.  With a few injections, we can now lift the cheeks and create a "facelift" effect.  Patients look 5 to 10 years instantly.   Younger patients also benefit by looking "refreshed" and prettier!  

So when you come in and ask me to help with the frown lines, I will show you how pulling up on the cheek area smooths the frown lines, as well as the sagging jowls.  Then we can touch up around the mouth as needed!  Amazing!!!

Juvederm Voluma has created a true paradigm shift and It makes me happy to see the great results!