Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening | Stone Oak Dermatology

Here is the New Year and I am thinking many of you take a close look at yourself - in many ways - lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, and of course our face and body!   Healthy skin and beautiful skin is the goal.  We know medical grade products will provide healthy skin - Skin Medica is by far my favorite!  Then there is Botox which is great for wrinkles caused by frowning and "living".  You can do a facelift, but that is a lot of cost and downtime.  Plus you run the risk of looking like you are in a permanent wind tunnel.   So what are the options?  There are two great fairly recent developments.  Juvederm Voluma and skin tightening are great alternatives.  Juvederm Voluma provides an instant facelift by filling in the lost fat in the cheekbones and lifting frown lines and the jowls.   Skin Tightening with the 3rd generation Apollo Tripollar Radiofrequency  will tighten skin anywhere on body - but especially face and neck.  

Tripollar Radiiofrequency is an innovative,  3rd generation - tripolar  RF technology.  It overcomes the limitations of the mono-polar and bi-polar technologies.  Immediate visible body and facial contouring from the first treatments - and long lasting results without surgery or downtime. 

Healthy Skin is always the goal - we will be offering the REVEAL skin analysis starting this month.  You can have a free evaluation done showing the condition of your skin.  Then a treatment plan can be developed - including products, chemical peels, phototofacial, botox, juvederm, laser resurfacing,  facials, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.  Let us show you how you can achieve the NEW  HEALTHIER YOU!  

Call the office for a free consultation and see which of these procedures are perfect for you.