skin cancer
May 11, 2014
Tags: Skin Care  

With summer coming, please remember your sun screen.  Sunscreen ingredients are key!  Most sunscreens protect against UVB - but it is the UVA rays that are most damaging and lead to skin cancer and aging.  A lot of sunscreens don't offer broad spectrum UVA protection.  We recommend  medical grade sunscreen Elta MD  - it has the highest amount of zinc oxide - one of the best ingredients for UVA protection.  In addition, EltaMD is cosmetically very elegant, easy to apply and does not feel sticky or leave residue. 

Skin cancer is on the rise - 1 out of 5 will get skin cancer - basal cell and squamous cell.  1 out 0f 50 will get melanoma. Don't be one of them!!! Come in for regular exams.  Yearly exams if you have not had skin cancer.  For those with history of skin cancer, checks every 3 or 6 months depending on type of skin cancer.  Remember skin cancer has a good prognosis if caught early!