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September 13, 2018
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Woman at the pool in summerGive your skin the TLC it needs while still enjoying your pool days.

If the swimming pool is a second home to you, then you may definitely label yourself a swimmer. Swimming is a wonderful and refreshing workout that can help us lose weight, maximize muscle and strengthen our core; however, whether you choose to swim in a chlorinated pool or natural water, all that time in the water can certainly take its toll on your skin. It’s important to know just how to care for your skin the next time you jump into the pool for your refreshing workout.

Shower Right Away

This is the most important rule you can follow after you take a dip in the pool. You need to wash the irritants of the pool or water from your body using warm water and soap. Chlorine found in the majority of pools sticks to your skin and can cause rashes and other skin problems. To minimize irritation, you will want to jump into a shower right away.

The same goes for those who swim in the ocean or lake. Saltwater, algae and bacteria from natural bodies of water can cause redness, rashes, and other irritation.

Wash Your Bathing Suit

Besides just washing your body, you’ll also want to wash your bathing suit with soap to remove any possible contaminants from the pool or seawater. Don’t wear the same bathing suit twice unless the suit has been thoroughly washed and is completely dry.

Apply a Moisturizer

The chlorine in pools is meant to kill bacteria to prevent infection; however, these pool chemicals can also dry out your skin. To combat this, we highly recommend using a thick, cream­based moisturizer after your shower to keep dryness away. Most swimmers can get away with using an over­the­counter moisturizer from their local drugstore; however, talk to your dermatologist if you need a stronger moisturizer to take on your pool dryness.

Hydrate Yourself

Sure you just spend a lot of time in the water, but how much water are you actually consuming each day? Working out alone takes water out of our bodies, so it’s important to replenish as much as possible. Furthermore, drinking water is a great purifier for our skin and it keeps our skin moist. Drinking more water will also help flush out pool toxins and keep you hydrated.

To learn more about how to take care of your skin, call your dermatologist today!

Kybella is an injection into the double chin.  It dissolves the fat on a permanent basis.  No surgery.  No downtime.  Amazing results.

Usually 2 or 3 treatments 6 weeks apart.  Some swelling for a couple days and then the fat dissolves  and gives an even contour with more defined jawline as well as removing the double chin.  The greatest part is that this is permanent!  Discounts available while supplies last!

Kybella in San Antonio - Double Chin Treatment



                                                               before                                                                  after


We started doing body contouring with SculpSure 6 weeks ago. Our first patient came back today for follow-up.  We took before and after pictures and the results are amazing!  Will be posting results on an ongoing basis.  Check back with us or better yet, come in!


My first patient treated with SculpSure came back today March 3 for follow up and second treatment.

Before and after 6 weeks - one  treatment of lower abdomen.  Results seen all the way to the sides of the hips! 

Here is the New Year and I am thinking many of you take a close look at yourself - in many ways - lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships, and of course our face and body!   Healthy skin and beautiful skin is the goal.  We know medical grade products will provide healthy skin - Skin Medica is by far my favorite!  Then there is Botox which is great for wrinkles caused by frowning and "living".  You can do a facelift, but that is a lot of cost and downtime.  Plus you run the risk of looking like you are in a permanent wind tunnel.   So what are the options?  There are two great fairly recent developments.  Juvederm Voluma and skin tightening are great alternatives.  Juvederm Voluma provides an instant facelift by filling in the lost fat in the cheekbones and lifting frown lines and the jowls.   Skin Tightening with the 3rd generation Apollo Tripollar Radiofrequency  will tighten skin anywhere on body - but especially face and neck.  

Tripollar Radiiofrequency is an innovative,  3rd generation - tripolar  RF technology.  It overcomes the limitations of the mono-polar and bi-polar technologies.  Immediate visible body and facial contouring from the first treatments - and long lasting results without surgery or downtime. 

Healthy Skin is always the goal - we will be offering the REVEAL skin analysis starting this month.  You can have a free evaluation done showing the condition of your skin.  Then a treatment plan can be developed - including products, chemical peels, phototofacial, botox, juvederm, laser resurfacing,  facials, microdermabrasion, and microneedling.  Let us show you how you can achieve the NEW  HEALTHIER YOU!  

Call the office for a free consultation and see which of these procedures are perfect for you.