Mandelic Peel in San Antonio | Stone Oak Dermatology

Mandelic Acid 40%

Utilizes the unique qualities of the Mandelic Acid to minimize the signs of skin characterized by intermittent to permanent redness.

Puts remodeling ingredients where you want them, not where you don’t. Many peels only affect surface layers of skin. Glytone by Enerpeel patented technology allows key ingredients to go deep into the skin where skin remodeling happens. The result is even treatment, consistent skin remodeling, and fewer side effects. 


  • Minimized the signs of skin characterized by intermittent to permanent redness
  • Reduces intermittent to permanent redness through the patented combination of Mandelic + MSM (a molecule known to aid in the alleviation of redness)
  • Non Aggressive, high-performance peel adequate to be used in summer for any skin type
  • Patented technology: Easy to use, mono dose peel system