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Juvederm Voluma has been FDA approved for almost 2 years. It is a filler that is injected in the cheek area. As we age, the fat pads on the face move down and create a flattening of the cheeks and a drooping of the face - resulting in jowls. The injection of Voluma results in a lifting affect.

Volumalift™ is a safe and effective new technique in non-surgical face lifting that can restore the youthfulness that age has stolen.

You can replace that always tired look for a rested look along with a beautiful, fully contoured, instantaneous facelift without surgery. This 30 minute injectable facelift is truly amazing because it works!

Volumalift™ is not like traditional facelift surgery which often results in a taut or gaunt appearance. Rather, Volumalift™ restores youthfulness immediately by replacing the volume that has been lost over time. Once this volume is replaced – you, once again, enjoy a soft, contoured, youthful appearance, and that “tired” look is gone!

Benefits of Volumalift™ over a traditional facelift:

  • Volumalift does not create that gaunt/pulled look like a traditional facelift
  • Volumalift does not require downtime like a traditional facelift
  • Volumalift does not require general anesthesia like a traditional facelift
  • Volumalift uses no incisions - leaves no scars like a traditional facelift
  • Volumalift results are immediate - without surgery
  • Volumalift contours & restores a youthful appearance - naturally, beautifully

Volumalift™ The nonsurgical facelift

Volumalift™ - a natural, beauty lift, instantly. You will love the new rested look which enhances the lifted look!

No - your mirror is not lying! And you’re not alone – it happens to all of us! Aging is inevitable and along with it comes those awful signs that show up in our face as crows feet, frown lines, worry lines, deep furrows and folds. We begin to notice them around the eyes, under the eyes, around the nose and upper lip – not to mention those furrows around the mouth. Our cheeks gradually begin to look hollow as we lose facial volume due to the breakdown of the facial support structure (called collagen and elastin). We notice a deflated look as everything begins to descend. That means our eyebrows begin to fall and our eyes don’t appear as wide open anymore while our jaw lines begin to sag – and not forgetting our once full, beautiful cheeks and lips that are now getting flatter (deflated) and causing us to always look tired.

This is so very different from the youthful appearance we enjoyed for many years. Notice the contrasts mentioned below:

Youthful Face

  • No permanent lines or wrinkles
  • Only expression wrinkles are visible (when in motion)
  • Vibrant, clear skin
  • Bright eyes, without excess skin
  • Full uplifted cheeks
  • Tight skin
  • Full lips, without wrinkles
  • Tight, firm jawline

Aging Face

  • Brow wrinkles
  • Deep wrinkles between eyes
  • Crow's feet (wrinkles around eyes)
  • Under Eye Bags
  • Lower eyelid bags
  • Lower eyelid sunken or hollow
  • Sunken/Hollow Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds (deep lines from nose to jowl)
  • Lines around mouth
  • Flat, skinny lips
  • Jowls or sagging skin around lower face

On left, patient with prominent fat pads under eyes and prominent nasolabial fold with flattening of cheeks and jowls. After Voluma and Juvederm on right. Note the youthful appearance of the cheeks - soft and subtle with fuller upper cheek - fat pads not visible and nasolabial fold much improved.

Dr. Banta has been named an expert injector by Allergan - makers of Botox, Juvederm and Voluma.