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Your skin is your first line of defense – protect it with Stone Oak Dermatology.

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Stone Oak Dermatology’s comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology services are proven effective in restoring the health and vitality of your skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best. As a highly regarded dermatologist in Stone Oak, Dr. Linda Banta utilizes cutting edge technology and decades of experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best results possible with every visit. Her supportive team of dermatology specialists are equally dedicated to patient-centered care to ensure you get the quality care you deserve.

Medical Dermatology in San Antonio

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and its first line of defense against illness and injury. Keeping it healthy and strong should be part of your health routine, especially if you have a personal or family history of certain health conditions. Beyond specific skin disorders, diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and systemic sclerosis also affect the skin and require special care.

At Stone Oak Dermatology, we are well-versed in diagnosing and treating all types of skin conditions, including:

From comprehensive skin exams to treatment regimens designed with your specific needs in mind, Stone Oak Dermatology is committed to excellence at every stage of care. Our team’s expertise means we are capable of addressing even the most difficult cases.

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Skin Cancer Screenings as Part of Your Preventive Care Routine

Medical dermatology in San Antonio goes beyond treatment of existing skin conditions. As an often neglected side of preventive medicine, dermatology is typically overlooked until a problem has become too big to ignore. In some cases, these signs and symptoms may be indicative of skin cancer, which can be deadly if left unchecked.

Skin cancer screenings by a board-certified dermatologist in Stone Oak can help save your life.

Skin cancer screenings are an important part of your yearly preventive care routine, especially for those who are more vulnerable to developing the disease, including:

  • Older adults
  • Those who experience frequent sunburns or burn easily
  • Those with a personal history of skin cancer
  • Those with a family history of skin cancer

Regular skin exams should be a part of your health regimen even if you don’t have the above listed risk factors. No one is immune to the potential dangers of developing skin cancer and early detection provides the best possible chances of success. In fact, if detected early enough, some forms of melanoma have up to a 99 percent survival rate.

With Stone Oak Dermatology, your skin cancer screening is easy, painless, and thorough enough to detect the most subtle early signs of trouble. We utilize cutting edge technology and screening protocols to ensure your results are fast and accurate to give you peace of mind. If we do detect a problem, our team of skin cancer specialists will walk you through your next steps and all your treatment options. Dr. Banta has successfully treated skin cancer patients for over 25 years; her deep knowledge and personable approach to care means you’re in good hands.

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Why Choose Stone Oak Dermatology

Led by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Linda Banta, Stone Oak Dermatology is your trusted resource for world-class cosmetic and medical dermatology services – right in your backyard. Dr. Banta and her staff offer the highest quality care for both cosmetic and medical dermatology patients. Our state-of-the-art private clinic features cutting edge technology and dermatologist-approved products to support your healthy skin journey.

At Stone Oak Dermatology, we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable, inviting experience for all of our patients. Our knowledgeable and hospitable staff are available to answer all of your dermatology questions and help guide you on your path to healthier, more beautiful skin. We take the time to get to know you and your unique needs to ensure the best possible treatment experience.

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