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Elta MD

EltaMD is a line of premium sunscreens that are elegant and highly protective of UVA and UVB radiation. Each of the products is based primarily on a high concentration of micronized zinc oxide that is formulated to apply without leaving a white paste. Zinc oxide physically deflects UV rays and remains the best single sunscreen ingredient.

Additionally, the sunscreens dry very lightly with little residue for a non-greasy feel. They are all non-comedogenic and do not contain oxybenzone, a chemical used in most over-the-counter sunscreens that has the highest potential for allergic reactions.

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Steven Blakeley is a NCCPA Board-Certified Physician Assistant specializing in general and surgical dermatology who has recently joined our team! He graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a Bachelor's in Biology and earned his Master's from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. A member of SDPA and a Diplomate Fellowship program participant, he conducts skin examinations, treats various dermatologic conditions in patients of all ages, and performs outpatient surgical procedures for skin cancers and cysts.


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