Non-surgical Body Contouring in San Antonio, TX

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What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a non-surgical procedure that can help eliminate stubborn fat and tighten skin. Heat and cold can be used to sculpt areas where it may be difficult to naturally lose fat, like under the chin, the upper arms, back, and abdomen.

Body contouring can give you a slimmer, more defined appearance with no anesthetic and no scarring. The results are quickly noticeable and there is no downtime for recovery.

What is Warm Sculpting?

Warm sculpting with SculpSure is the most innovative, cutting edge technology in body contouring today. Focused laser energy is used to gently heat and permanently destroy tenacious fat cells, which are then naturally removed by your body. Collagen and elastin, the building blocks of healthy, firm skin, are stimulated to grow.

Warm Sculpting is FDA approved, non-invasive, painless, and can be performed in the office in around 25 minutes. You can expect to see tighter skin and a leaner appearance in just six weeks.

Coolsculpting vs Warm Sculpting

Coolsculpting uses concentrated cold to destroy fat cells. It can be effective in body contouring, but it has some drawbacks.

Coolsculpting can be uncomfortable. People describe the procedure as stinging and aching, and after the treatment area is frozen you will need to undergo a massage of the area, which can be painful. Soreness and bruising are not uncommon after Coolsculpting. Conversely, Warm Sculpting is generally considered to be painless.

Coolsculpting can only treat one area of the body at a time, whereas Warm Sculpting can address all your treatment areas at once. This leads to less time spent in the office and faster results.

Coolsculpting carries with it a small risk of nerve damage and can lead to numbness in the treatment area. Warm Sculpting has no such risk.

young woman’s side profile before and after sculpsure non-surgical contouring treatment showing less chin fat after procedure
side view of patient’s stomach before and after sculpsure body contouring, flatter after procedure

Benefits of SculpSure Body Contouring in San Antonio

  • Warm Sculpting is a safe, FDA approved alternative to liposuction and other surgical fat-removal procedures.
  • Gradual improvements occur to your body over the course of treatment instead of drastic, sudden changes.
  • Appointments take about 25 minutes. Easily integrate your treatments into your busy daily schedule.
  • No downtime. Get right back to work, kids, exercise, and all your favorite activities. 
  • No pain.
  • Permanent fat loss and tighter, younger looking skin.

Body Contouring at Stone Oak Dermatology

Stone Oak was one of the first centers in Texas to offer body contouring with SculpSure. Dr. Banta is dedicated to being at the forefront of advancements in dermatology and making the most effective, cutting edge techniques available to her clients.

Dr. Banta has practiced medicine for over 30 years, with an emphasis on cosmetic dermatology. She is committed to formulating highly personalized care centered on each patient’s needs and goals. You can be confident that you’ll receive the best possible care at Stone Oak Dermatology.

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