Fractora RF: Tighten and Tone Your Skin Without Surgery

Fractora RF If you’re like most people, you’re unhappy at the sight of “saddlebags,” “muffin top,” and sagging breasts. Unfortunately, the aforementioned are all a natural part of growing older or becoming a parent. However, your displeasure doesn’t mean you’re willing to get surgery. Well, we have great news: modern technology has finally done it. You can now obtain tighter, toner, smoother skin without surgery. How? The answer is Fractora RF.

What Is Fractora RF?

“Fractora RF” stands for “fractora radiofrequency.” It is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency technology, which heats up and melts your fat tissues and stimulates collagen growth, in conjunction with microneedling. Microneedling is a procedure during which the dermatologist purposely makes tiny holes in the skin using an Eclipse MicroPen®. The tissue in the treated area responds to the injuries by producing new collagen tissue. When these techniques are combined, the result is a smoother, firmer skin texture. Best of all, your skin will continue to improve as more collagen is produced.

What Are the Benefits of Fractora RF?

There are many reasons to get Fractora RF instead of a traditional face lift, CoolSculpting®, or liposuction. For one, Fractora RF should not cause you much pain if any pain at all. It is also a relatively safe procedure for patients. You will appear younger. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation become more difficult to see. Your wrinkles will be less noticeable in addition to having more toned skin.

Here is, perhaps, the best benefit to getting Fractora RF. With other procedures, your results will fade overtime. With Fractora RF, your results improve overtime. In other words, if you like how you look on day one, you will faint over how you look on day thirty.

You may be a candidate for Fractora RF if:

  • You are not on anticoagulant medication or blood thinners.
  • You do not have a cardiovascular disorder.
  • Your skin sags.
  • You have excessive cellulite.

San Antonio, TX, Fractora RF Specialists

If you’re concerned about unsightly wrinkles, poor skin laxity, and droopy skin, Fractora RF is an ideal procedure. It lets you reverse the effects of aging and pregnancy without having to undergo a complicated surgical procedure. See what the fuss is about and book your Fractora RF consultation today. Call Stone Oak Dermatology now at 210-494-0504.

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