Body Contouring Options

How body contouring treatment from your dermatologist in San Antonio, TX, can help you look your best. Everyone has a little extra fat here and there. It’s natural, especially as you age. Body contouring can help you get your natural curves back, and it’s available from your dermatologist. Dr. Linda Banta at Stone Oak Dermatology […]

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What Are Spider Veins?

Most of us, at some point during our lifetime, will develop spider veins—those tiny, purple, web-like veins caused by twisted blood vessels. While they aren’t serious they can be uncomfortable and unsightly. If you’ve been wondering about ways to get rid of spider veins, a dermatologist is going to be the ideal medical specialist to

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The Benefits Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have a wide and varied use in treating a number of skin concerns. Benefits of the treatment range from skin rejuvenation and the treatment of conditions such as acne and rosacea, among others. Learn more about how chemical peels can improve the appearance of your skin by reaching out to Dr. Linda Banta

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How To Treat Dry Skin

For most of the US, winter is here! Temperatures are dropping and snow is already falling. If you live in a wintry region of the country you may be finding that your skin is a little drier these days. If so, you aren’t alone. Dry skin is a common problem, particularly during the winter months.

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Treating Your Vitiligo

According to the National Vitiligo Foundation, around 70 million people around the world have vitiligo, an autoimmune disorder that causes white patches of skin. This condition is not contagious and cannot be spread from person to person, but the white patches can be a source of embarrassment or isolation for some patients. If you are

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Discover the Benefits of Botox

Do you suffer from wrinkles or have fine lines under your eyes? Your dermatologist, Dr. Linda Banta, offers Botox in San Antonio, TX, to rejuvenate your skin. Aging takes a toll on your body, and your face can reflect that. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, getting Botox at Stone Oak Dermatology can help.

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How To Treat Your Blisters

Most people experience blisters on their feet, often due to friction or pressure from tight or poorly fitted shoes; however, blisters can develop just about anywhere on the body. If clothes are too tight or you are running you may find a blister on other parts of the body, as well. Whether your blisters are

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What Is a Carbuncle?

A boil is an infection of the hair follicle that develops under the skin. When multiple boils develop this is known as a carbuncle. In a carbuncle, this cluster of boils is interconnected under the skin and can lead to pain, inflammation, and redness. This infection most often develops on areas of the body that

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